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Love Your Knitwear

Alma Knitwear garments are made with fine, high-quality Italian fibers, which will age beautifully over time with the right care and attention. Upon receiving your purchase, please refer to your Alma Knitwear care card included in the package for specific care instructions.

Washing Instructions

Hand wash your Alma Knitwear garments in cool water, no warmer than 27 degrees Celsius. Use a mild detergent, avoid any harsh chemicals or chlorine bleach when washing. Avoid using any fabric softeners.

Dry Instructions

Do not tumble dry. Carefully remove water from your garment, and lay your knit flat to dry on a clean dry towel in a shaded area. By hand, carefully remove any wrinkles and straighten seams. Avoid hanging, twisting or crumpling your knit.

Dry Cleaning

We recommend dry-cleaning as a great safe alternative option. Point out any spots or stains to the cleaner prior to washing. Ask the cleaner to use a process that does not involve tumbling.

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